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reminder that no one is required to love their parents because a lot of people do have genuinely shitty parents and if you invalidate people’s feelings about their toxic parents i’ll probably punch you in the throat

Having sex that results in a kid does not equal respect


I think it’s the same with siblings to, everyone is always telling me I need to get along with my brother and love him, because someday we will “need each other” and have each other’s backs but I want nothing to do with that sexist racist asshole. Why would I love someone that punches me all the time, breaks my glasses and tells me I’m ugly and fat and will never have a date or achieve any of my dreams? #geneticsdoesnotequallove

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Did you know? Prom is coming up! And you have a right to express your gender identity. Your school may be violating the law if it doesn’t allow a female student to wear a tuxedo or a male student to wear a dress.

reblogging for my followers who will be going to prom this year

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Painted this today, I saw it in one of my dreams and had to put it on canvas.

I paint my religion,
I paint my dreams,
Paint what others fail to see.

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